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Singer Songwriter

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Leonie Prater



Leonie Prater is a 24 year old singer songwriter based in the south west of England. Born in Dorchester and living in Dorset. After her family decided to move back to Switzerland where she was raised and discovered her passion for music she decided to move back to the UK. At age 12 she created her first song and carried on writing until now. In 2017 and 2018 Leonie played several little festivals all around Switzerland including Openair St.Gallen, Vorstadtsounds, Chräen Openair etc. Since July 2019 Leonie is back in the UK and started to write new music. Her songs are all based on everyday situations and personal stories. 




Dorset UK 



Singer - Songwriter, Indie


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A cyclist was inspired by a trip to California where I saw a cyclist riding his bike on route 74 from Palm Springs to Idyllwild. The next day I saw him again on the same route but now pushing his bicycle. What is going on in his head? Listen for yourself.

The river was inspired by my brother and his friend's trip to Canada where they built a float and floated over 600km down the Yukon river. They have been friends since they were little. This song is about friendship and saying goodbye to friendship.

The cracking sound of song was written back in 2019 when I was I the UK applying for my job / searching for a house. I used to go to Arch's workshop and sat in the field. As he is a stonemason I had to listen to the cracking sound of stone all day long. I never got tired of it. It was very sunny and lots of birds were flying up in the sky. I felt home. 










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